In his Nobel acceptance speech our founder, Kailash Satyarthi recounted this story: A heavy fire had broken out in the forest. All the animals were running away, including lion, the king of the forest.Suddenly, the he saw a tiny bird rushing towards the fire. He asked the bird, "what are you doing?" To the lion's surprise, the bird replied "I am going to extinguish the fire." The lion laughed and said, "how can you do it keeping just one drop of water, in your beak?" The bird was adamant, and she said, "I am doing my bit."


Adopt A BMG

Adopt a Bal Mitra Gram and help a community give its children an environment that enables a free, safe and educated childhood.

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Support survivors of violence pursue higher education and reach their potential

Start a club in your university/ school

Start a child rights club in your educational institution and contribute to making a child friendly world