Welcome to the Satyarthi Group!

This is online induction programme for all Associates who join the Satyarthi Group.  We are a group of organisations working under the banner of Satyarthi Group and you can learn more about us on our respective websites as given below:- 

This induction programme is divided into two phases. First Phase relates to learning about the organisations and is divided into 11 modules, which are to be completed in 10 days.  These are a mix of films, videos, power-point presentations and reports/books. On the eleventh day, a multiple choice questionnaire will be sent and Associates are expected to score 80% marks to qualify for next phase. The marks scored by each associate will be shared with their respective supervisors and will be used in assessment of the probation period. 

Successful completion of Phase I is followed by technical sessions of next phase. Once again we will share relevant documents on children’s issues. Phase II is divided into six modules and you will be given four days to read and understand the issues contained in each Module. On fifth day, a multiple choice questionnaire will be shared where a score of 80% is necessary to move to next Module. In case, the score is less, you will be given another two days to review the documents and on third day; a new questionnaire will be shared to test your understanding. 

We understand that reading documents in isolation may not help in better understanding. Therefore, we encourage you to have discussions with colleagues and experts within the organization.  

We wish you good luck and happy learning. For any concerns related to Modules, please write at:

Link to 11 Modules in Phase I

  1. Module 1: About the Founder
  2. Module II: Core Values, Guiding Principles and Organogram of Satyarthi Group
  3. Module III: About Bachpan Bacho Andolan (BBA)
  4. Module IV: Understanding BBA’s Interventions/ Programmes: Victim Assistance
  5. Module V: Understanding BBA’s Interventions/ Programmes: Legal Interventions
  6. Module VI: Understanding BBA’s Interventions/ Programmes: Legal Interventions & Access to Justice
  7. Module VII: Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF) and its Interventions/ Programmes
  8. Module VIII: KSCF Programmes: Institute & Campaign
  9. Module IX: Rehabilitation & Repatriation https:// /for ms/hof74OTcVD69reH22
  10. Module X: Global March Against Child Labour
  11. Module XI: Human Resources & Communication

Link to six Modules in Phase II

  1. Session 1 Child Rights
  2. Session 2 : juvenile Justice system
  3. Session 3 : Child Labour
  4. Session 4: sexual Exploitation of children and Missing Children
  5. Session 5 : Trafficking
  6. Session 6 : Sustainable development goals, Right to Education& Child Marriage