A sustainable, holistic and preventive intervention for child protection and development in urban slum communities so that every child is safe, free and educated, our Bal Mitra Mandal (BMM) initiative has worked round the clock to protect children from child labour and ensure uninterrupted education which became a huge challenge owing to closure of physical schooling owing to the raging COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s a snapshot of the impact of BMM programme in 2021:
  • 152 children withdrawn from child labour
  • Ensured retention of 20,770 children in schools
  • 200 children supported through online classes
  • 600 children enrolled in schools through BMM enrolment campaign
  • Facilitated 240 EWS Quota school admissions and 69 children admitted in schools
  • 36 classes with the help of American Embassy, 65 children benefitted
  • 227 smart phones distributed to support online education of children
  • 53 individuals identified and linked to government scheme for starting business
  • 58 children selected under EWS quota for higher education in Delhi University
  • 93 children who had dropped out of school enrolled again
  • Water Pipeline installed in Indira Kalyan Vihar, Okhla, following follow-up through BMM members
  • Dry ration distributed to 300 families
  • COVID-19 relief kits distributed to 125 families
  • Rs 3 lacs raised and spent for construction of playground in Indra Kalyan Vihar, Okhla Part -1
  • 40 virtual awareness session conducted on child abuse, cyber crime, online safety, menstrual health
  • Constitution Day celebration saw participation of 300 children
  • 888 NCERT books and 111 school bags distributed to 111 children of Class 9 & 10