Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation founded by Nobel Peace Laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarthi envisions a world where all children are free, safe, healthy, receive quality education, and have the opportunity to realise their potential. Mission of the Foundation is to end all forms of violence against children including child trafficking, child labour and slavery.

While we work day and night to achieve our vision, it can become a reality only by community participation. And what can be better community participation than volunteering for the cause?

One of our biggest volunteer driven campaign functional across the globe is the 100 Million Campaign, aiming to mobilise 100 million youth to devote themselves for a better future for 100 million marginalised children who have been denied their rights and liberty.

In 1998, our sister organisation, Bachpan Bachao Andolan launched the Global March Against Child Labour, which also was volunteer driven and resulted in the formation of ILO Convention 182 against the worst forms of child labor which became one of the fastest ratified convention.

Since then numerous campaigns have been launched, by both KSCF and BBA, and became successful with the support of the volunteers including Shiksha Yatra 2001, Bharat Yatra 2017 and Child Friendly Kumbh Mela 2019 among many others.

Being a volunteer driven social movement, we involve volunteers in each aspect of our work right from undertaking rescue operation, spreading awareness and mobilising the community. The volunteers participate in mass movements and marches to make the issue heard at all levels. Volunteeres are the change makers and flag bearers of the Satyarthi Movement

What it takes to be a Volunteer at Satyarthi Movement?

All the Inter/volunteer are bound by an ethical principle of standing up for child rights. One has to follow four ethical principles to become a volunteer of the Satyarthi Movement. These vows are for life –

  1. A volunteer himself/herself will not employ a child as labourer at any point of his life
  2. A volunteer will boycott any such product/commodity/service made by any child labourer
  3. If there is child involved in labour in his/her vicinity/surrounding/locality etc. or anywhere he/she sees so, they have to complaint to Satyarthi Movement
  4. A volunteer will participate in the mass awareness activities of the Satyarthi Movement

How do I become a volunteer at the Satyarthi Movement?

A person who wish to volunteer or intern with the Satyarthi Movement needs to fill an online volunteer application form available on the website. After a thorough background check, you will receive a confirmation and an online orientation kit that needs to be studied by a volunteer before he/she associates with the Satyarthi Movement.

A volunteer needs to follow the four principle of the Satyarthi Movement as mentioned above.

What are the opportunities and where can I work?

Satyarthi Movement is actively working in 20 states of India, some of the states have their individual offices as well. A person can work in any of the state offices or central office in the capacity of an Intern/Volunteer/Virtual Volunteer. We offer three kind of engagement with the movement i.e.


If you are a college-going, student aged 18 or above, you can obtain a letter of recommendation/bona fide letter from your college/institute, and can apply for the Internship.

Field Volunteering

You can be a person of any age, background, nationality etc. and can apply for becoming an on-field volunteer at any place in India.

Virtual Volunteering

If you have less time to spare or you cannot work in the field you can be our virtual volunteer and work with us online.

All the three aspect of engagement has single purpose – keeping children safe!

How does the Internship and Volunteer Form look like?

What are the Code of Conduct for Volunteer and Interns?

Intern/Volunteers make a commitment and are accountable to the organization. Hence, they are expected to abide by the Core Values and Principles of the Satyarthi Movement. 

  • Respect the Mission, Vision, Values and goals of Satyarthi Movement. Take your commitment to heart and perform your tasks to the best of your ability.
  • Volunteers/Interns are expected to act with integrity, respect and respond to others with whom they interact during the course of Internship/Volunteering.
  • Kindly treat your fellow Intern/Volunteers, community members and children without any discrimination.
  • Do not accept any valuable gifts or monetary resources or give any gifts or lend any monetary resources to the communities /children and other stakeholders.
  • Do not take/collect any kind of monetary resources in the name of organization from anyone.
  • Be courteous, friendly and cooperative.
  • Offer constructive feedback about our organization, in case if you have any, in a proper manner.
  • Don‘t engage in charity services in the name of Satyarthi Movement. Do not collect or distribute clothes, stationary or other materials in the community and do not make any promises.
  • If you have taken a responsibility, honour it or inform the organization mentor in advance, in case if you are unable to accomplish it.
  • Interns are expected to commit to the structure and program of the internship which is decided in consultation with their mentor organization and the mentor reserve the right to terminate an internship in any incidents of basis serious misconduct, non-performance or indiscipline.
  • Be punctual.

Office Decorum

  • Show respect to people around you.
  • Avoid actions which are a source of distraction and disturbance to others.
  • Watch your tone while speaking.
  • Change the ringer mode of your phone to vibrating.
  • Wear professional attire to office.
  • you do need to look clean and well groomed
  • Never encroach on others privacy.
  • Offer a firm handshake or a simple hello to senior people.

Norms for Social/Community Interaction

Your attitude

  • Be non-judgmental. Don’t try to impose your ideas, instead try to make them think, try to take their feedback/suggestions on relevant issues.
  • You should have an understanding of the people and the practices of the community you are interacting with. This would enable you to interact with them more effectively.
  • Treat them as equals; get their opinions and point of views.
  • Never be intimidating. Be friendly and non-threatening to the people you interact with.

Your Objective

  • Be clear on the purpose, the objective and the desirable outcome of the event/ activity as well as your target audience.
  • Be sensitive to the community beliefs/practices/traditions
  • Involve the key point person from the community. E.g.: The local leader, Para Clubs
  • Try to involve the teachers and headmasters/principals

A few things to be careful about:

  • Be very clear on your non-political and non-religious stance. Bring out the fact that you are there to collaborate and to strengthen the already existing services such that they are accessible and usable.
  • Avoid/don’t entertain people who would try to merge your efforts with their party/community/religious politics OR would try to bring their party/religious angles to your work.
  • Do not take sides of the community, class or the Government.
  • Don’t say or promise anything that you would be unable to deliver, even if it’s due to unforeseen reasons.

Your appearance

  • Body language-positive, attentive, accepting, non-judgmental. Maintain eye contact with community members, listen carefully to what they say; might help you to read in between the lines
  • Dress appropriately. Your appearance and communication style has a bearing on how communities perceive you and whether they feel comfortable talking to you.
  • You are there in the field as an Intern/Volunteer so communicate and act responsibly. Be sure about the messages disseminated.
  • AT ALL TIMES: Intern/Volunteers are required to carry their VALID INDENTITY CARD.