Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation’s Intensive Area Action campaign is a strategic intervention in 100 highly trafficking prone and vulnerable districts to identify gaps in implementation of existing policies and legislation to combat child trafficking and work towards finding solutions.

Working through an exhaustive Survivor Led Intelligence network which acts as our eyes and ears on the ground, we work round the clock to thwart trafficking, rescue children and register FIR against traffickers and get the offenders arrested.

Here is a snapshot of how we have worked towards combating trafficking in 2021:
  • 15,722 events organized to raise awareness
  • 10,65,116 people participated in events
  • 2290 traffickers identified
  • 1109 follow-up of previously identified cases
  • 1202 FIRs registered
  • 1275 traffickers arrested
  • 2314 Village Child Protection Committees formed
  • 23,431 vulnerable families identified
  • 17,469 vulnerable families linked to government schemes
  • 253 child friendly police stations created
  • 886 actionable inputs regarding traffickers shared with Law Enforcement Agencies & BBA
  • 224 child-friendly courts created
  • 164 Anti Human Trafficking Units operationalized
  • 20 survivor led intelligence networks operationalized
  • 943 village migration registers made