Child sexual abuse and rape is an unprecedented national crisis. Three children are raped and five children are sexually assaulted every hour in India.

To address the inadequacies of India’s justice delivery system which leads to inordinate delay in trials and denial of justice more often than not, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation launched the Justice For Every Child campaign to ensure child victims of sexual abuse and rape get timely justice and mental health support. This is aimed at ensuring that they continue to lead their lives with dignity and freedom.

Our Campaign Division has been on the job 24*7 and has identified a staggering 8,275 cases in 2021 needing intervention. Besides providing mental health support to children, we have also worked and ensured that Rs 66,61,000 was awarded as compensation to the child victims.

Here is a snapshot of what we have been able to achieve in 2021:
  • 8,275 POCSO cases identified
  • Facilitated disbursal of Rs 66,61,000 as compensation to child victims of sexual abuse
  • Ensured rejection of 29 bail applications
  • 568 vakalatnamas filed
  • Intervened in 718 cases
  • Mental health support provided in 36 cases