17- Year Old Girl Being Forced into Prostitution Rescued Within 5 Hours of Receiving Information


A 17-year-old girl, victim of human trafficking, was rescued from Panjim, Goa on 17th November 2021. Shital (name changed), fled from her home in Bokaro, Jharkhand with her boyfriend Nitin (name changed) under the belief of a love affair. After two brief stops in Ranchi and Mumbai, they reached Goa where she realized that she was being forced in prostitution by Nitin. Shital contacted her sister and informed her that she had two hours before she would be taken forcefully on a ship to another location. The information of Shital’s location and hotel name was acquired by Bhaijraj Ji, a child right’s activist in Jharkhand, who informed a KSCF team member of the same.

KSCF passed on the information to BBA team for implementing a rescue. While KSCF was trying to lodge an FIR in Ranchi, they faced a major issue as the Police Station in Goa was refusing to file an FIR because the girl belonged from Bokaro. However, while this issue was being settled in Ranchi, the BBA moved forward on the rescue operation and were successful in rescuing Shital in Goa. The success of the operation was possible due to the concerted and coordinated efforts between child rights activists working on the ground, KSCF and BBA, as Shital’s rescue was completed within 5 hours of first receiving the information.