5 Schools in Koderma See a New Lease of Life, Transform Into Model Schools


Five Schools in Domchanch block of Koderma district are now getting converted into model schools by Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation(KSCF). Along with smart classes and sports provisions, children are being given the opportunity for enhanced music and dancing skills in the model schools. To enhance their skills further, music instruments are also being distributed amongst children.

In order to make the government schools in the villages as model schools, the intent of KSCF is to provide various facilities to the Children. To inculcate their sports capabilities, training opportunities are also being provided in schools. Besides developing these five schools, more than 40 girls’ football teams have been formed.

The facilities in these government schools like music and sports with quality education will surely create a bright future for these children as well for the country at large.