BBA Helps Reunite Boy Missing For 3 Years With Family


16-year-old Tony (name changed) who has been suffering from hearing and speech impairment was rescued from Kozhikode in Kerela and reunited with his  family after three years with the support of Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) under the Satyarthi Movement. 

Battling mental health issues as well, Tony had reportedly fled his home several times in the past as well and was always rescued with the help of name and address tattooed on his arm. But for the the last three years, his whereabouts were unknown. Tony’s parents work as auto-rickshaw driver and as household help and had tried to seek medical help for their child in the past.  

Upon receiving information about a child with details tattooed on his arm, BBA’s Kerela State Coordinators were alerted by the Children’s Home authorities in the state and a team was instantly sent out to trace Tony’s family in Delhi. Within a few hours, his family’s details were found and they were reunited with Tony in Calicut on June 21, 2021.