Communities in Jharkhand & Bihar Demand Their Fair Share of Social Protection

Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation

As pandemic posed livelihood and educational challenges for communities,  a greater need to demand for their right to be protected from unforeseen catastrophes was felt by Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF) at the national and global level.

To bring attention to the issue of child protection, KSCF began a Fair Share to End Child Labour campaign globally with its activities commemorated at the local levels as well.

Celebrating the International Literacy Day on 8th September and towards the upcoming United Nations General Assembly on 28th September, Bal Mitra Gram (BMG) members in Jharkhand carried out several activities advocating for fair share of social protection of children to local and world leaders. The BMG members and activists organized a Jan Chaupal (Community Gathering), Bike Rally, Human Chain, Inter-BMG Yatra and sports activities for children. The goal of these activities to discuss and demand for the following rights:

  • Create a conducive environment to brig children back to the school and retain them in there
  • Link children and their families with various welfare schemes to ensure social security
  • Free & compulsory education upto Class 12
  • Child labour free mica mining in Jharkhand and Bihar

For the campaign, “umbrella” was chosen as the symbol of social protection and security. Children drew umbrellas in public places and demanded their fair share of protection for millions of vulnerable and marginalized children across the world.

The campaign reached a total of 6277 people through 16 Jan Chaupals, covering 75 BMGs. Amidst this, 4 health camps were also organized by KSCF for the community members.

The participants of the campaign included government officials such as the Labour Superintendent, Block Development Official (BDO), Child Development Project Officer (CDPO), District Child Protection Officer (DCPO), ICDS Supervisors, Teachers, Sahiya, Aganwadi Sevika & Sahayika; elected political members such as Member of Jila Parishad, Block Pramukh, Mukhiya, Ward Members and community based organization members such as SHGs, Bal Panchayat, SMCs Members  & VCPCs Members.