KSCF Trains Police & Law Enforcement Agencies in Bharatpur

Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation

KSCF in association with one of its local partner, Disha Foundation organised a training for Bharatpur Police and Law Enforcement Agencies on the topics of POCSO, child labour and bonded labour, attended by more than 60 participants.  This training was the first physical training after the lockdown last year.

The training was chaired by district SP Devendra Kumar, Add. SP Vandita Rana, CWC members, Chairperson of DLSA, Labour Department, Education Department, DCPU, Lawyers, civil society organizations and media.

The participants actively participated in the training workshop and showed keen interest in knowing more about the subjects.

The dignitaries also took a pledge to ensure child protection in their districts.

This training proved to be a positive sign in resuming physical trainings in the future.

Media coverage link – https://circle.page/post/9122723?utm_source=an&person=39561

KSCF Trains Police & LEAs in Bharatpur