Setting the Right Example, Radha, a 16-Year-Old Girl Stops Her Child Marriage in Jharkhand


Radha Kumari, a 16 years old resident of Bal Mitra Gram, Tikait Tola in Jharkhand is the Mukhiya of Tikait Tola Bal Panchayat. Her father against her will arranged her marriage from a nearby village named, Pandey Bara. The Tilak ceremony was scheduled to be held on the 23rd of May, however since Radha was aware that child marriage is an offence in the eye of the law, she immediately informed the KSCF team and asked the way forward.

KSCF team intervened but to no avail and realised the need to look for another way out. On the very next day, a meeting of the Bal Panchayat was called where Radha was asked to take action as the head of the Bal Panchayat and set an example. Radha, consequently categorically refused the marriage and persuaded the groom’s family to call off the wedding as well. KSCF team further aided Radha and informed her family of the legal consequences of marrying Radha before 18 years of age. An undertaking was further signed by Radha’s family, where they promised to not marry Radha before the age of 18. By standing up for herself, Radha has become not only a role model for girls in her village but girls in nearby villages as well.