World Day Against Child Labour

12th June 2019

The international community commemorates World Day Against Child Labour on 12th June to put the global spotlight on this crime against children. For us, every day is against child labour, but this day, in particular, reminds everybody of their responsibility to rescue all child slaves and reintegrate them into mainstream society. 

Did you know that this day owes its existence to Mr. Kailash Satyarthi?

At the culmination of the 80,000 km Global March Against Child Labour which is little over twice the circumference of the earth, on 06th June 1998, Mr Kailash Satyarthi led a delegation of 600 child marchers and some child rights activist into Palais des Nations where International Labour Conference of the ILO was underway with over 2000 representatives from 150 countries in attendance.  This was the first time ever when the podium of the ILC was offered to the civil society to put forth its charter of demands. Mr. Satyarthi and the children had two main demands. The first one was international legislation against worst forms of child labour and the second one was to designate one day every calendar year as the day against child labour. Acceding to their demands ILO adopted Convention 182 against worst forms of child labour in 1999 and subsequently declared 12th June as World Day Against Child Labour in 2002. In fact, the plaque of the footprints of the Global March still holds the place of pride at the UN Headquarter

                                                    Our Struggle Against Child Labour                                                                                                                                        Child Labour In India