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Nobel Peace Laureate Mr. Satyarthi’s experience and proven track record of over 35 years at both the grassroots and global policy level uniquely positions him to expand and build his work globally through the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF). KSCF is the global umbrella for KSCF India based in New Delhi, KSCF US based in Washington, DC and KSCF UK based in London. KSCF India specializes in direct action and KSCF US and KSCF UK focus on outreach and engagement, while policy and training are the domain of both entities.

KSCF envisions a world where every
child can live freely with dignity, having
fundamental right to be free, safe, healthy,
educated, and discover her/his potential.
KSCF’s mission is to end all violence
against children. To make this a reality, the
Foundation will focus on the 3Ps: People,
Practice and Policy.

PEOPLE: Tap the power of children and
youth to fight for their own freedom and
rights, and to stand up for millions of
their peers living in exploitation globally
through history’s largest campaign to
globalise compassion

PRACTICE: Restore the freedom, health
and education of 300,000 children and
youth in India and 1 million globally by
sharing and scaling proven child-friendly
programmes and practices while promoting innovation

POLICY: Share world-class research and
practical solutions to build the capacity of
governments, businesses and communities
to ensure policies and laws meet children’s
needs and are enforced by establishing the
KSCF Institute in India.