Minor Rape Survivor Finds Justice in the Face of Adversity


10-year-old Priya’s (name changed) world came crashing down when she was raped in her own village by a man she respectfully called ‘Dada’. When she set out to collect chillis in the field at her mother’s request, Priya had no idea of the fate that awaited her. Seeing her alone and vulnerable, the man took her to a secluded place and mercilessly raped the innocent child. Priya was robbed of her childhood.

The culprit did not stop there, he made threats against the family to deter them from reporting the case, but the family bravely chose to take legal action against him instead. However, the incident had a significant impact on Priya and she had to drop out of school. Her family had to migrate to Ranchi due to constant threats from the culprit.

Priya, who was born and raised in the village, comes from a financially weak family of four. Her parents are uneducated. Priya’s father works as a daily wage labourer, barely earning enough to meet their basic needs, while the mother occasionally does daily wage work. Despite their circumstances, both parents continued seeking justice for their daughter. Following the unfortunate incident, the family relocated to Ranchi, which significantly impacted their living standards since they used to rely on subsistence farming. The accused also threatened to harm them if they pursued the case, forcing them to leave their village.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of KSCF, the victim compensation application was successfully filed in a timely manner. Our team also linked the victim and her family with relevant government schemes. A dedicated support person facilitated their enrollment in the BOC pension scheme under the labour department, which would greatly help the family restore their life and livelihood. We also ensured the child got enrolled in school, allowing her to recover from the trauma and receive an education that would equip her with the skills to support herself independently.

KSCF fought tooth and nail to prevent the accused from being granted bail, ultimately succeeding in obtaining a court order rejecting his bail request. In a rare achievement, the charge sheet was filed and the victim’s statement was recorded on the first day of the hearing itself, ensuring quick and fair justice for the victim and her family. Moreover, the honourable court upheld the conviction and sentenced the accused to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment. Now KSCF’s mission is to help in availing the final compensation for the victim. Our team is diligently making efforts for Priya and is hoping for a favourable outcome from the court soon.

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