Neeraj Murmu


Neeraj Murmu hails from Duliyakaram CFV of Giridih district of Jharkhand and has been associated with the movement since 2013. In 2011 Neeraj was rescued from mica mines by CFV activists and was enrolled to school. Coming from a poor family, Neeraj collected mica to support his family members in earning a little extra money. Lack of awareness amongst family and community members leads to the increasing issue of child labour because children are forced into work leading to dropping out of school. Neeraj after being rescued pledged to end this phenomenon of forced child labour in his village.

After being rescued from child labour Neeraj soon in 2013 joined the Yuva Mandal (Youth Group, one of the stakeholder groups in CFVs) and worked towards ending child labour in his village and enrolling them to school. Under his leadership many socio-economic issues in his village were addressed. Some of which are hand pump construction and repair, facilitating electricity in many households, bringing gas connection through government schemes, withdrawing children from work and enrolling them to school. Neeraj was extremely dedicated to his work and in 2014 he was informed about 4 boys who has migrated to Tamil Nadu in search of jobs opportunities and those boys were under age. So Neeraj visited them in Tamil Nadu, counselled them and enrolled to college in Tamil Nadu itself.

His dedication towards thinking about the best of children has led him to establishing a public school in his village in 2018. Neeraj stated “I was inspired to establish a school as I could see the children in our village with no quality education because of unavailability of teachers. Hence I started this initiative of educating children in my village so that no child is left behind.” His words are extremely powerful and shows his passion towards working for children.

In 2018 Neeraj started his own public school at his village which provides free education to children and has named the school, Kailash Satyarthi Public School. He provides free education to vulnerable children who are prone to social evils like child labour and child marriage and he has been successfully educating 150 such vulnerable children. Neeraj is an inspiration to the rest of the youth of the village and he has been getting immense support from his peers and community members for his noble work towards children. He pledges to continue this work of goodwill and educate children as he believes in them.